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CYCLE COMPUTER W1009 (9 functions) + Extra $15 for installation

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Wireless speed computer version

CROPS cycle computer consist of 9 functions and the spotlight is devoted to the widescreen display and calorie counter. We have improved the visibility for you to spot the figures with just one glance! The power magnet has also improved in term of its resilient.


Function Specification
Current Speed 0-199.9km/h 0-120.0m/h +/- 1%
Trip distance 0-999.99km/mile +/- 0.1%
Odometer 0-999999km/mile +/- 0.1%
clock 1H:00M:00S-12H:59M:59S 0H:00M:00S-23H:59M:59S +/- 0.03%
Average speed 0-199.9km/h 0-120.0m/h
Maximum speed 0-199.9km/h 0-120.0m/h
Riding time 0H:00M:00S-99H:59M:59S
Calorie counter 0-9999.99 Kcal
Auto Scan  

Additional Information:

Function Specification
Sensor: Indirect magnetic sensor
Battery: 3v battery x 2 (CR2032)
Battery operating life: About one year, depend on usage.
Dimension & Weight: 42×48×17 mm / 20.2g
Wheel circumference input 1mm〜3999mm
Operating temperature: 0°C〜50°C
Storage temperature: -10°C〜60°C