Bicycle Servicing and Maintenance

We provide basic checks and servicing only on some selected bicycles include our Kawasaki, Kolor, Electra and Savorello etc. and all our in house bicycles.

We recommend servicing your bike at least once in 6-12 months (depends on how often you use your bike and its storage conditions).

Tires Pressure
A great rule of thumb is to check and inflate as needed, minimum every two weeks. Especially bike that are park at unshielded open space, used off road and or at construction site (bumpy road), tires can lose up to 10PSI a day, so make sure to check and inflate them more often. Recommended tires pressure at maximum 65PSI.

Transportation charges for Bike, For bicycles purchased from FootLoops, your first maintenance service within a year (12 months) after purchase is free of charge. We can also pick up the bike from your place and bring it back after servicing. Pick up + Drop off service is SGD 48 flat rate (+$10 for Tuas/Sentosa) OR SGD 68 flat rate (+$10 for Tuas/Sentosa) for bicycles that not purchased from FootLoops. Note that price does not include maintenance service costs.

Basic bike services (changing of tires, inner tubes, parts replacements and etc) are also available on adhoc basis, starting from $5. 

Part Services Price**
Safety Service (Road Worthy)
Tune Front and Rear Derailleur


(First service is free for FL bikes)

Adjust Brakes to Optimum Settings
Tighten Crank Bolts and Pedals
Quick Adjustment on Handle Bar Alignment
Check and Pump Tire
Drivetrain Service (Drivetrain Strip)  Remove Rear Derailleur


Remove Front Derailleur
Remove Crank set
Remove Chain
Remove Cassette
Degrease and Clean
Grease and Installation of Parts Removed
Pump Tire
Overhaul Service (Total Strip) 

Remove Rear Derailleur

$120 (Basic Overhaul)

(non-FL bikes)

(FL bikes)


Remove Front Derailleur
Remove Crank set
Remove Chain
Remove Cassette
Remove Headset
Remove Bottom Bracket
Degrease and Cleaning of all the removed parts
Cleaning of Wheels set
Wheels set Alignment on Truing Stand
Wheelset hubs degreased - Clean and Degreased
Complete Clean up for Frame and Fork
Cleaning of Brake and Gear Housing and Cables
Pump Tyres
Tighten all Bolts according to required Torque 


Bike Services T&C

*Does not include cost of replacement parts and subject to availability of parts.
**Service prices and lead time required are subject to change.

For more information please feel free to give WhatsApp us at 89231198, and we'll get in touch asap!