Rent (subject to availability)


All basic rental should be at a minimum of 24 hour and a maximum of 7 days at just $2 / hr. Rentals are subject to availability, and we advise interested parties to give us a call or email us to reserve theirs at least 1 day in advance.


  • Up to 24 hours - full-day rental (24 hours) at $48/bike. 
  • For all special rental that exceed hours, it will be charged at $10/hr per bike.
  • For all corporate events collaboration/rental, you can WhatsApp us at 8923 1198 or Alternatively, you can make an enquiry below. 


  • Booking extensions are subject to availability of the bicycles and discretion of FOOTLOOPS. 
  • To extend your booking, you need to request the extension by phone or in person
  • If you do not return your bicycle on time without an approved extension, you will be charged an additional flat rate of $2.00 per hour block (applicable for basic rental only).  
  • If all our bicycles are fully booked the next day, you must return the bicycle by the stipulated timing.



  • As a deposit, you will need to produce your NRIC/Passport/Driver's License. 
  • All payment will be made upfront by CASH and is non-refundable. 
  • Your maximum Liability for damaged/lost bicycle will be charged based on the full retail price of the bicycles and accessories.—



1.In case any serious damages sustained to the bike, we will charged based on our standard repair and replacements costs. 
2.The company will not be responsible for any harm or injury which you may sustain during the rental period, either accidentally or otherwise. 
3.In case of any road accidents by any reason, our company will not be responsible for any fines, damages, loss or medical costs incurred. 
4. The bicycle will be handed to you in full working condition. However, if you noticed the bicycle is not working properly, please stop using the bicycle and bring the bicycle back to our rental point and we will replace you the bike. 
5. All bicycles and or accessories will be considered as LOST/STOLEN if they are not returned within 24 hours from the time of rental and will be considered as SOLD. Full retail price will be charged on customer within the following 24 hours.
6.The company will not be responsible for any damage or theft on the equipment, including all accessories and parts on the bicycle, which should be maintained and held accountable by the customer throughout the duration of the rental agreement.
7.Should any items go missing or be damaged, repair costs or full retail prices will be borne by the customer upon return of bicycle.
8.NO OFFROAD USE ALLOWED. Please ride on pavements 


Call us now to enquire :) 89231198