REVIEW: Folding Bicycle Bags by Vincita

First we brought in the B132B Soft Transport Bag for Brompton (2-wheels) which is loved by many for it's super compact and easy to use. Then came the B132H Soft Transport Bag for Brompton (4-wheels) which featured a stiffer, boxier base, and... removable wheels! 

These bags are waterproof, lightweight, collapsible, and perfect for bring your foldies overseas. The B132B and B132H are best for up to 16-inch wheels, but if you dismantle your bike a little, even some 24-inch bikes pop right in.

But what about my 20-inch bike?!

Yes we heard you and we've now brought in the B131F Transport Bag Folding Bike 20". 

All these bags are compatible with many foldies so you can now bring our Bobbin Fold/Langtu 14-inch, or your Brompton, Tern, Dahon, Birdy etc along on your trips! We don't discriminate. Go forth and conquer.

If there's any other Vincita bags you want, simply email us at or shoot us a facebook message and we'll bring it in for you :) Gather your friends and pool an order to waive off shipping!

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