Picture this - heading to the nearest minimart to get a quick bite, you're there and back at lightning speed on a bicycle. True story.

Before it gets too late and waaaaay too crowded in your usual last-minute gift shops, we’ve compiled some ideas for you to get a headstart at one-stop gift hunting. Be it Christmas gifts for friends, family, or your significant other, or even a self pat-on-the-back for getting through the year, we’ve got you covered.

Tis the season to really treat yo'self and your loved ones. And what better excuse will you ever have than a year-end bike sale? Keep fit and explore your neighbourhood on one of our quality two-wheelers or accessories.

Behold our super genius Christmas Gift Guide.

Whether your man is already in tip-top #fitspo condition, or in need of some work to turn his snackpack into a 6-pack, cycling is always a good decision. With any of our citybikes, roadbikes, ebikes, or folding bikes, he gets to clock in a leisurely cruise after dinner, and even cover his transport to work the next morning.

Gift Guide - For Him

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BOBBIN Bramble Teal, Silicone Phone Holder, CROPS K4 Rydeen, THOUSAND Navy, VINCITA Brad Messenger Bag, CROPS Computer W2014, BOBBIN Daytripper, Universal Bike L-Stand, BROOKS Cambium Saddle, CROPS Handy Tool, TSINOVA e-bike, CROPS EZ400mu, THOUSAND Speedway Creme, BROOKS Leather Grips

They say a smile is a lady's sexiest curve. Coming in a close second place must be the curved frames on our Bobbin Brownie / Bobbin Brambles - great for riding even in skirts or with child seats. Get your wonder woman smiling and on the move with our seasonal picks - without burning a hole in either of your pockets.

Gift Guide - For Her

THOUSAND Stay Gold, Universal Metal Crate, Universal Head Lamp, BOBBIN Fold, CROPS ZX1-W Light, CROPS Q5-44 Lock, BOBIKE Exclusive Mini Child Seat, BOBBIN Brownie St-Ives, VINCITA Noah Tote Bag, Universal BIke X-Stand, BOBBIN Bronze Helmet, TOPEAK Smartphone Drybag, BOBBIN Round Basket, TULA Flatbar North Cream

They're adorable, feisty, and.. ridiculously full of energy ALL THE TIME. We know. Let your little ones work out all that adrenaline on a balance bike, kids bike, or tricycle. Alternatively, pop on a bicycle child seat at the front or back so you can bring your mini-me on errands-running, or all your adventures!

FootLoops Gift Guide for the kids

BOBBIN Gingersnap 20-inch, BOBIKE One Mini, BOBBIN Balance Bike St-ives, CROPS SX1 Headlight, BOBBIN Ding Dong Bell, BOBIKE One Maxi Childseat, Kick Scooter, BN W015 Stand, BOBBIN Gingersnap 12-Inch, CROPS Uni-Q, Universal Bottle Cage, BOBIKE Exclusive Tour, BOBIKE Kids Helmet, IIMO Kids Tricycle

Or pop by our bicycle showroom for a test ride! We open daily :) 
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