5 Reasons Why Every Parent Needs a Bobike Child Seat

5 Reasons Why Every Parent Needs a Bobike Child Seat

We know. It's been a tough 9 months, and you've never felt more vulnerable now that your baby is out of your protective body and into the world. So how do you balance the need to show them all the world has to offer and at the same time keep them super duper safe?

Now we all know bicycle child seats are a godsend. It keeps your mini-me strapped in and snug while you get to clock in your daily exercise, run errands, and soak in some sun and breeze. But what makes the right child seat?

Bobike child seats exclusive maxi

Double-up with front and rear child seats if you need! City bikes with a lower, curved frame and rear racks like our Bobbin bikes makes it safe and easy to bring the kids around.


Bobike child seats use a unique double-walled design to ensure maximum protection, while still being lightweight. It's extra stable too and wouldn't wobble around much during your ride. 

So beautiful and safe that the Dutch Consumer Organization awarded it with the Best Tested and Best Buy titles.


Convenience and speed is priority when handling children. Straps and footrests on Bobike child seats can be adjusted with one hand. Mounting and removing of child seats are also simple and quick, and each seat comes with a lock too, so you won't have to worry about switching between bikes or theft.


Got a thick handlebar stem with your bike, like a Brompton for example? Throw in the RAD adapter and your Bobike front seat will fit right in. Just look at our cheery lil buddy Dillon here.

bobike exclusive mini childseat for brompton

Each Bobike rear seat comes with both a Click & Go carrier mount, AND a 1P mounting system, so whether your bike comes with or without a rear rack, you're all set.

Bobike childseat one maxi click & go carrier mount bobike one maxi childseat 1p mount

Click & Go carrier mount     |              1P mount

For rear child seats on foldies, we also have rear racks available so pop by the store with your bike and we can try it on for you.


Bright solid colors that heighten visibility for yourself and your kid, never hurts. Plus, your kids will be extra excited about getting in and going on their next adventure. The Exclusive Tour also comes with a wide rear reflector for added safety.


Alongside the IF Design Award, the Exclusive Mini / Exclusive Maxi comes with unique contoured belts that help support a sleeping child's head and neck. You can even opt for front head cushions for extra comfort.


FRONT SEAT - For ages 9 months (or once they're able to sit up) to 3 years (or 15kg)

REAR SEAT - For ages 9 months (or once they're able to sit up) to 6 years (or 22kg)

Between the One Mini/Maxi and Exclusive Mini/Maxi, it's really a matter of your little one's preference, and how comfortable you are with the adjustments.

One Mini/Maxi - Softer straps that go over the baby's head and secures at the front.
Exclusive Mini/Maxi - Adjustable strap height/position, contoured straps for sleep support that go from the front of baby to secure at back of baby's shoulders. Padded cushion, extra protection on the whole.
Exclusive Tour - Everything the Exclusive Maxi has, plus added support and protection at the sides of the head, a battery-powered rear light, and an extendable headrest.

Bobike exclusive tour maxi childseat extendable  Bobike exclusive tour maxi childseat extendable

Easily-adjustable headrest for different heights, or as your child grows.

The curvature inwards at the top also gives some space for their protective helmets. We've also just stocked up on Bobike helmets if you're looking for any.
Like we said, safety is key.


*some colors may not be displayed in the store, but stocks will usually arrive in 1-2 days. Give us a call if you have any questions :)

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