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High beam head lamp

3 LED SX-7 has powered up to 1000 cd / 40 lux / 36 lumen to light up your direction. It is our honor to lead you with our light. Creating a safe and a pleasant riding experience is our promise.


Function Specification
Code: ANT-SX7
LED: White LED x 3
Battery: AA batteries×3
※Alkaline batteries recomended
※We have included manganese batteries for testing purpose. Alkaline batteries are recommended for actual use.
Burn time: Constant mode: 120 hours / Flashing mode: 350 hours
Brightness: 1000cd / 40 lux / 36 lumen
Parts: FB22-28N
Size: 95×42×50mm
Weight: 103g (with batteries)
Color: Black

※ Specifications and product designs are subject to change without prior notice due to product improvement.
※ The size and weight indicated may vary depending on method of measurement and the individual difference.